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Innovation and Technology in Italian Healthcare at the HealthTech360 Coffee Talk

The importance of research and sharing for a smarter future

Technological innovations such as artificial intelligence and robotics offer great opportunities to improve the efficiency, accessibility and quality of healthcare.

An in-depth vision of the challenges and opportunities in the introduction of innovations in the Italian Healthcare System was shared during the 2023 Healthcare FORUM in the meetings held by “Coffee Talk by HealthTech360″.

Events like these are not only foundations for sharing such innovations, but represent real promoters for stimulating collaboration with strategic partners and implementing new technologies in the healthcare context.

Massimo Mattone, Managing Director of HealthTech360 and host of the meetings, together with some industry experts, address main topics such as: robotics, artificial intelligence and sustainability, with particular attention to the patient.

Medical Innovations and Robotics

Luigi De Angelis, doctor, researcher and founding member of the SIIAM (Italian Society of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine) and Giacinto Barresi, researcher in neuroergonomics at the IIT (Italian Institute of Technology), were the guests of the first “Coffee Talk”.

During the meeting, industry experts shared their personal knowledge and experience regarding the world of robotics and artificial intelligence in the future of healthcare.

As reported by ForumPa, De Angelis presented a research project on the surveillance of healthcare-related infections, an innovative system based on the use of artificial intelligence and natural language processing models. Starting from hospital discharge letters, through a Natural Language Processing model, patients in whom a surgical site infection is reported are identified.

Giacinto Barresi, an expert in human-machine interaction in the biomedical field, instead spoke about exoskeletons as wearable robotic devices for assisting movements.

The Twin device, developed by the Rehab Technologies Lab team, is a concrete example of this, despite this involving a series of challenges related to use.

Complete first meeting video, source: FPAtv.

Digital Healthcare: Digital Innovation and patient care

Monica Calamai, founder and coordinator of “Community Women Protagonists in Healthcare” and General Director of AUSL/AOU Ferrara, and Laura Patrucco, Board Member of the Scientific Association of Digital Health (ASSD), are the guests of the second appointment.

Calamai highlights the importance of digital innovation and its key role also outlined by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which goes beyond digital health alone and involves other areas such as inclusion and social cohesion. Like the digital caregiver project, which uses digital technologies to support caregivers in their important role in the care process.

Patrucco presents the document developed by the ASSD which defines the role of the caregiver as a guide in digital care paths, underlining the importance of the involvement of patient associations in this process. In fact, more and more often we talk about “care partners” rather than caregivers, underlining that they do not replace the patient, but support him in his treatment.

This view has been confirmed by oncology studies that have recognized the importance of the family and caregiver in providing support during a cancer diagnosis. The main objective is to promote a collaborative dialogue between the different figures involved in the treatment path, generating positive impacts in both the healthcare and digital fields.

Complete video of the second meeting, source: FPAtv.

Innovazione tecnologica del Sistema Sanitario Italiano

The guests of the third “Coffee Talk” are Giuseppe Melone, Economist and healthcare manager, professor of Healthcare Organization at the Unitelma Sapienza University of Rome, and Eugenia Olivero, Director of Organizational Innovation & Patient Reception – Fatebenefratelli Isola Tiberina.

Melone and Olivero analyze the critical issues of the NHS, such as long waiting lists, the increase in private spending and inequalities. Telemedicine, through digital and technological innovation, could certainly improve the efficiency and accessibility of services.

Melone reiterates the need to invest in digital technologies and AI, redefine the roles between the State and the regions, and involve healthcare workers.

Complete video of the third meeting, source: FPAtv.

In conclusion, the “HealthTech360 Coffee Talks” offered a valuable space for discussion and reflection on how innovation and technology can transform the Italian healthcare system, improving the quality of care and patients’ lives.

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