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AGILE SRL: leading company in IT consultancy in the health sector

A journey towards new horizons of Innovation and Technologies

Agile Srl (internal link), with the recent meeting at the end of 2023, has renewed in the field of design and strategic consultancy, offering solutions capable of transforming daily challenges into concrete opportunities for the future. The near future.

The vision of Agile

Agile is more than just a consulting company; is a pioneer in the world of innovation, dedicated to creating solutions that anticipate market needs and push the boundaries of healthcare technology.

With a precise focus on key sectors such as Digital Health, Internet of Things (IoT) and Research & Development (R&D), Agile is committed to providing tailor-made solutions that improve the lives of people within healthcare facilities, predominantly.

The Catania company has recorded significant growth in recent years, which has led the company to review its communication objectives for 2024.

During the meeting, the new challenges were presented with the aim of disclosing to the outside an activity built and consolidated for over a decade.

The new objectives focus on three main tools:

  • Website: The company website represents the first point of contact with potential customers and stakeholders. Therefore, it was decided to completely renovate the site, with a modern and attractive design, and updated, quality content. The specific objectives of the new site aim to improve visibility on search engines, increase traffic and consolidate Agile’s position as an editorial reference in the sector.
  • LinkedIn: Professional social media is essential for B2B communication and building professional relationships. Specific objectives include increasing the number of followers, increasing page visibility and generating business opportunities through active dialogue with the network.
  • B2B communication and Personal Branding improvement: Agile aims to enhance B2B communication by proactively identifying and resolving customer needs. At the same time, the company is committed to improving the personal branding of its employees, allowing them to make themselves known in the industry and build a positive reputation.

Riccardo Nocita, The company’s Technical Director, interviewed during the recent Agile meeting, dedicates his time to the company’s technical management, training, design and implementation of software solutions.

We get to know Agile collaborators better to share the company’s activities and the role of people.

We talk about it with Eng. Riccardo Nocita.

What are your skills that characterize your role in the company?

I am a Full Stack Developer with knowledge of systems and Cyber ​​Security.

Your area of ​​activity, your responsibilities and your job position

How can AGILE contribute to achieving company objectives within the AGILE company?

Within the company I deal with the study and design of software solutions

subsequently implemented with the Frontend and Backend team, which I coordinate and supervise.

I have the task of taking care of the technical aspect and searching for the most innovative and satisfying solutions

best meets current project needs and at the same time promotes company growth. Me

I also deal with the configuration and definition of the infrastructures hosting these solutions.

In conclusion, Agile SRL’s new goals for 2024 reflect the company’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of the IT consultancy sector, through innovation, collaboration and effective communication.

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